How to Get the Most Reward From a Sportsbook


The most common forms of rewards from a sportsbook are Free bet credits and Deposit matches. Read on to learn about these rewards and how to get the most out of them. Also, find out about the legality of offshore sportsbooks and DraftKings, two popular sports betting services. Regardless of whether you prefer to bet on sports or fantasy sports, these sportsbooks can help you win big. Read on to learn how you can get started!

Free bet credits are the most common form of sportsbook reward

Free bet credits are often given as a promotional giveaway. They are essentially credits that are issued by sportsbooks in exchange for making a wager. These are generally small amounts, and a user will be hard-pressed to retain them. In order to maximize the chance of obtaining a free bet, users should sign up with multiple sportsbooks. Spreading their money around will increase their chances of winning a free bet.

Deposit matches are a form of sportsbook reward

Unlike free bets, deposit matches are issued as site credit. This means you can use them on multiple bets. You also don’t have to risk the entire bonus amount on one bet. Many sportsbooks offer deposit matches as a welcome bonus, but the amount varies. Some offer up to $500 in site credit, while others have a set wagering requirement. This bonus is typically offered immediately upon deposit.

Legality of offshore sportsbooks

The legality of offshore sportsbooks varies based on where you live. Most states don’t have specific laws about offshore sportsbooks, but many of them are legal in New Jersey. New Jersey law allows online and mobile sportsbooks to be operated by citizens of the state. Most offshore sportsbooks accept mainstream deposit methods like PayPal. Despite being legal in New Jersey, the offshore sportsbooks don’t necessarily stay that way. In some cases, they may become illegal and you should seek legal advice before placing your bets.


There are a lot of things that DraftKings sportsbook gets right. One of them is their app, which offers the same convenience of using your debit or credit card. While sometimes this doesn’t work as smoothly as it should, it still makes a great option. The mobile app also accepts deposits and withdrawals from a bank account. However, the overall experience may not be as enjoyable as if you were betting with a credit card.


The fanDuel sportsbook is one of the most popular legal sports betting websites in the US, and for good reason. It has a variety of bet options, deposits, and marketing efforts to make it a favorite among sports bettors. What makes this website stand out is that it is available in more than ten states. In addition to its variety of sports, you can place your wagers on daily fantasy sports, cricket, and even soccer.