Interview on LastLook

LASTBLOG: Before you began working as a musician and artist, you worked as a marketing executive at Armani and Chanel. Would you say that this experience has influenced your work?

Sebastien Leon: I graduated from an MBA program in Milan at a young age and immediately started working for Armani in Madrid and Chanel in New York. That didnʼt last very long though; as soon as I moved to New York, I started hanging out with artist friends and going to see exhibitions in Chelsea, to concerts, plays… All of this definitely became more meaningful to me.

Two friends and I converted our downtown loft into a gallery space, in which we set up a variety of installations with artists from our neighborhood. My marketing background helped me to approach brands and ask them to finance our shows, which at that time seemed the best way to get our projects going. I was then hired by a few large companies to become their curator, with the idea of always producing new works. This allowed me to collaborate with many artists,  across all sorts of media, and effectively became my own sort of art school. Over the years, I started to develop my own work, sometimes with brands, other times with museums or galleries.

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