Du Jour Magazine "James Truman makes beautiful music with Sebastien Leon"

"THE FORMER MAGAZINE BIGWIG discusses his new gig: record producer

Jeux d’Artifice, an album performed by "sound sculptor" Sebastien Leon and produced by first-timer Truman, comes out today. But it's funny to think that the pair's collaboration could have just ended up as a restaurant horror story.

Truman, the former editorial director of Conde Nast, was sitting down to dinner at Firefly on Mustique when another patron started playing his guitar. “I thought that it was a very brave gesture to bring your guitar to dinner and start serenading the restaurant,” Truman says, sitting in the living room of his Greenwich Village home. “I was intrigued by that.”

The troubadour was Leon, a former marketing executive Frenchman who’d made a name for himself in New York by creating soundscapes for art exhibits and events.

Leon's playing piqued the interest of Truman, who'd worked at music magazines like Melody Maker and Spin before Conde Nast. “We got to talking about music, particularly French music,” Truman says. “I don’t know as much as he does, but I’ve always had a great love for Serge Gainsbourg and so did Sebastien.”

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