Design Gallerist, "Sebastien Leon Interview"

"SEBASTIEN LEON AGNEESSENS is a New York-based French musician and installation artist, among other things. His pieces are dynamic and he works with sound and movement creating pieces that are truly stunning. Read our interview where he reveals a bit more about himself.

A · Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

People often get confused when I tell them what I do. I am a creative director, a designer, a curator, a sculptor, a composer, a performer, a painter, and to me it’s all kind of the same thing. These fields complete each other and each offer a specific way of sharing ideas, telling stories, addressing issues and also hopefully of communicating beauty. I develop my commercial projects (experiential design, exhibition design and production) under my company Formavision and carry out my art projects (mainly sound sculptures, paintings and sound installations) under Studio Sebastien Leon Originally from France, I have been based in America for the past thirteen years, and it is hard to dissociate my story from New York. In France I always have to justify what I do according to what and where I studied. In New York however, what matters is rather the relevance of my projects, my curiosity, so I feel like I constantly have to push and reinvent myself and explore new disciplines."

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