JINLAP is the self-titled first release written and performed by Sebastien Leon and guitarist Kaia Fischer of rock band Rainer Maria

Recorded largely live with lap steel and electric guitars, the musicians create an evocative melodic narrative that combines a strong Delta blues and folk sound, crosscut with Tibetan chanting and digital glitches.

Layers of sonic texture create a landscape that is rooted in the American South but winds through territory that resonates with the musicians’ life work, in Kaia’s case as a scholar and translator of Tibetan sacred texts, and in Sebastien's as a designer and fine artist whose drawings allude to Australian Aboriginal Songlines and charted constellations of impossible skies.

In addition to guitar, the instruments include the harmonium, drums, the human voice, and sound sculptures: the Baschet brother’s Cristal Baschet - a skeletal, insect-like friction idiophone, Harry Bertoia’s Sonambiants - an assemblage of swaying totemic metals, and Sebastien’s most recent sculpture, the Carileon - a choir of tubular bells.

This music is a natural outgrowth of their first collaboration, a polyphonic sound installation: twelve hours of patterned meditative music on sculptural speakers, a mix of original tracks and field recordings by famed musicologist Alan Lomax. 



All Songs Written by Sebastien Leon & Kaia Fischer, except "Isolation", Written by John Lennon // Recorded by Jinlap // Mixed by Dave Schiffman // Mastered by Gene Paul

Guitar, Harmonium, Bass Guitar, Carileon and Singing: Sebastien Leon // Lap Steep Guitar & Chanting: Kaia Fischer // Bass Guitar on "Twenty-One Taras" & "Back And Forth": Erik Sanko // Drums on "Twenty-One Taras" & "Back and Forth": Zach Mangan // Cristal Baschet on "Striking The Sunset": Loup Barrow



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"Vidas Perfectas"Directed by Alexander Waterman for the Whitney Biennial, Music by Jinlap

Cinematography by Peter Szollosi


Jinlap Impromptu Performance at Solivagant*, Lower East Side, New York  

Directed by Remy Amezcua

Jeux d'Artifices // Sebastien Leon (2012)

JEUX D'ARTIFICES is a collection of original songs written by French artist Sebastien Leon and produced in collaboration with James Truman. The record, written for the most part in French, presents the semi-autobiographical narrative of an extra-marital love affair that turns into a dangerous obsession, played out within the erotic milieu of Manhattan.

The music, alternately melancholic and psychedelic, acoustic and symphonic, draws contemporary parallels between Serge Gainsbourg and Radiohead, Pink Floyd and TV On The Radio. 



Produced by James Truman & Sebastien Leon // Mixed by Kyle Fischer & Jamie Candiloro // Mastered by Gateway Mastering // Engineered by Jim Smith & Lee Weinberg

Recorded at Saltlands (Brooklyn, USA) and Geejam (Port Antonio, Jamaica)

Musicians: Sebastien Leon (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Chris Masterson (Guitar), Kyle Fischer (Steel Guitar, Guitar, Pedals), Zach Mangan (Drums, Percussions), Josh Kaufman (Bass, Keyboard, Guitar). Sxip Shirey (Harmonica, Shruti Box. Toy Instruments), Eleanor Whitmore (String Arrangements), Chris Dingman (Vibraphone), Lankandio Sissoko (Kora), Brian Dolphin (Harmonium), Keri-Ann Lewis, Dennette Lewis & Yasmine Brown (Back-up vocals).

Cover artwork: Robert Mapplethorpe, "Sleeping Cupid" 1989 © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. Used by permission.



Wall Street Journal review



MMIX Opus I // Sebastien Leon & Kyle Fischer (2009)

A numerical play on the year in which the project was created, MMIX is redeploys the concept of the remix to highlight the value of ethno-diversity in a modern world defined by rapid globalization. MMIX Opus 1 aims to establish a dialogue between contemporary music and archival field recordings of vanishing cultures from around the globe.

For MMIX, Seb Leon and Kyle Fischer integrated samples from renowned musicologist Alan Lomax (1915-2002) with newly composed tracks created in collaboration with various artists from Brooklyn-based label End Up Records, such as Andrew Vladeck and Caithlin De Marrais, along with friends Bob Hoffnar, Konrad Meissner, Kevin Ley and Josh Kaufman.

MMIS was produced with the support of Sportmax and the Association for Cultural Equity.



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