Sebastien Leon


Lives and works in Los Angeles.

Sebastien Leon's multidisciplinary work brings to life ethereal physical environments that are at once tangible yet unmistakably abstract. Leon’s landscapes map imagined spaces that seem to stretch far beyond their borders, imbuing them with a palpable sense of spatial infinity evocative of the wonders of the cosmological world. Layering strong lines and repetitive figures to achieve an expansive, three-dimensional territory, Leon’s paintings and drawings are deeply textured and detailed, pulling the viewer into a mesmerizing optical rhythm.

His music - generated by slick multi-channel sound sculptures - is composed of field recordings mixed with instrumental loops, and sequenced by algorithmic formulas. Not unlike his pictorial work, Leon’s experiential soundscapes loop to eternity, triggering in its listeners a hypnotic sense of place.

An avid traveler who originally hails from Orleans, France, Leon is deeply influenced by his immediate surroundings. Since his move from New York to Los Angeles in 2015, Leon has been particularly inspired by the city's sprawling network of infra-structure, and by the erosion-mapped landscapes of the American West. He seeks experiences that allow him to feel connected to the environment, and strives in his work to echo the sacred connection between man and Earth.


Sebastien received an MBA from Bocconi University in Milan in 1997 and began his career as a business consultant and marketing executive for Armani in Madrid and for Chanel in New York. Complementary to his artistic practice, Sebastien runs his experiential studio - Formavision - producing multi-media installations internationally for major brands, and is the co-founder of high-end furniture company Atelier d'Amis.   

Sebastien was described by Advertising Age as "the man who has set a foothold at the intersection of art and marketing" and by I.D. as "the impresario behind some of the most intriguing brand extensions in recent memory." Sebastien regularly lectures about the culture of commerce (Harvard School of Design, Harvard MBA) and judges international design competitions (Gensler and AIGA awards). His work has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Libération, Corriere Della Sera, Frame Magazine, Wallpaper etc.  

 Photo courtesy of Valentina Angeloni ©

Photo courtesy of Valentina Angeloni ©